Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Dark night

Nicole Page-Smith, 2014

Nicole Page-Smith's sculpture takes as its archetype the body-in all its organic variety-and then proceeds to body forth the world. Hers is an articulation of mammal limbs and insect wings, of spider's silk and birds' nests, crenellations of bone and petals of ears. Her serried groups-the sets and sub-sets-issue from her head like thought bubbles that have been trapped and given expression as solid matter in her hands.

They represent a life-journey: this is a sculptor groping her way forward via her surrogates, which are themselves about the sensations of growth, budding and transformation. They aim to suggest that consciousness itself is an organic, flowing and altering force.

Nicole Page-Smith's work is steeped in sculptural tradition as in a precious elixir, one which makes her work sparkle and reverberate to echoes of art history at every twist and turn.

By David Eggleton